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The Garden
The Garden
wratercolor pencil, gouache, graphite, collage/mixed media

Intuition is the divine feminine gift. In a world where we are constantly overstimulated, it can be difficult to hear our own inner knowing. When we get quiet enough to listen to our bodies, we are guiding ourselves—building trust in the one person you'll always have with you. We learn to give ourselves what we need, instead of what other people want. Seed by seed we plant gardens in experiences…what we water will grow 🌱

Figs • fertility, wisdom, strength - this sacred fruit that boost the love hormone

Oxytocin • trust, romantic attachment, arousal

Red • sensual, passionate, strong willed

Root Chakra • safety, stability, comfort

“The Garden” bridges nutrigenomics, spirituality and cognition with a healing food, neurotransmitter and memory