Laura Bettina
Industrial TaxonomyPhotographyPrintmaking & Book Arts
The idea of the collection is one which I am constantly involved in, as my work promotes both personal inquiry and narrative. In these inventive abstractions, I seek to create a familiar, but vague suggestion of an imagined yet familiar space narrated through the fluidity of motion and rigidity of line. This concept of subjective mapping is evident in my work, as well as the arbitrary, yet fixed nature of measurements and systems. Through the layering of markings and linear forms, a dialogue is created between suggestive but ambiguous shapes. These ambiguous and indistinct shapes are seen from different perspectives, with variation in space through linear constructions.

Line is used to articulate speed; using constraint vs. incremental movement to articulate matter. In building these imagined environments, I am bridging clarity with suggestive abstraction, deconstructing hierarchies of decoded information. Through thorough investigation, I intend to expand the perception of time and space, while conveying subject matter in alternative ways; bridging gestural, organic drawing with structural geometry.