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“Lemon Balmer” lithograph, gouache, watercolor pencil • 8x10in. 🌿 for sale
Lemon Balmer
Lithograph, Gouache, Watercolor Pencil

The darkness of the new moon is a time for reflection and exploring the unseen. Are you getting quiet enough to listen?

Lemonbalm • this sacred herb calms, reduces stress, anxiety + promotes sleep
Melatonin | Oxytocin • regulates our mood, behavior + our sleep-wake cycle
Green • grounding, rebirth, renewal
Heart Chakra • compassion, serenity, self awareness

Neurotransmitter imbalance: Oxytocin; Inability to feel affectionate. Poor communication. Drowsiness.

Herb that nourishes: Lemonbalm (regulates Melatonin levels)

Chakra to focus on: Heart (green)

Tarot card: The Moon (illusion and deception)